Classic Line#1 olden mini

I'm Hirame, a staff member of KENTO HASHIGUCHI. I would like to present 'olden mini.' It is a redesign 'olden', KENTO HASHIGUCHI's iconic work, the right size for going out.


olden mini

The characteristics of the olden mini is that there are three way of holding, the longer strap makes a diagonal bag, the shorter does a sacoche, and the removed does a handheld bag. The thick belt is made with a wide range of length adjustment.

The gusset of the bag is 6 cm. Although it looks compact, it has a capacity to hold a long wallet and a 500 ml PET bottle. For the front pocket, I recommend items that you want to take out immediately, such as mobile phones, hand creams, and keys, etc. The back pocket should be relatively thin, such as a postcard or handkerchief, etc.

The strap of the bag is 50mm wide, and designed to be thick so that does not burden the shoulders. The gap between the small appearance and the thickness of the strap is the cute.

The fabric of the bag is a laminated Kurashiki canvas, 'Takeyari', a long-established canvas factory founded 120 years ago, uses high-quality made in Japan that has passed strict inspection by craftsmen, so the quality of the material is also first-class.

The metal fittings for the bag are rarely seen in Japan.

It can be opened by pushing down the part like this dial, and can be locked with a key, but I recommend that is used for a decoration or keeping it at home.

The olden mini has 3 colors, shiny black, slightly purplish gray, natural color.

If your everyday clothes are mainly natural, it will be easier to match the colors with gray. Also, if black is the center, the color will be one point.

Black is recommended except for natural colors such as bright red and yellow.


The olden mini, embodies the brand's concept of "SIMPLE ∩ CHARACTERISTIC" ( simplicity is not simple but individuality), can be worn in any style from formal to casual, is easy to match and makes the originality stand out.

To order, please contact the online store.

△olden mini△

△olden mini black△

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