stool tote black




◎Product description A stool bag made from stools. The most characteristic feature of the legs is the original wooden ones. The bottom plate of the bag is also made of wood and is firmly fixed to the legs. The brand logo is stamped on the bottom. A simple yet strong bag.


◎ size

Outside dimensions: width 17 cm × length 23 cm × depth 9 cm string 32 cm

Leg height 3.5 cm

Inner dimensions: width 16.5 cm x length 18 cm x depth 8.5 cm


Picture model 155 cm

stool tote black

  • Material: Cowhide (oil leather)
    Country of origin: JAPAN

    * Cowhide is a domestic product. Due to the use of natural materials, there may be slight scratches, uneven color, and slight differences in thickness due to its characteristics. Please note.

    Please read the following notes regarding handling. Please understand the characteristics of the product and use it for a long time.

    -This product uses oil leather. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place and clean with a special method for oil leather.
    ・ Please note that in the case of light-colored leather, the color may transfer from clothes such as jeans.
    -Although the leather surface itself has a water-repellent effect, the effect may diminish over time, so please take care of it regularly. However, please note that water easily penetrates from the edges, backside, and seams of the leather.
    -A general waterproof spray for leather cannot be used for oil leather. Also, even if you use a waterproof spray exclusively for oil leather, try it in an inconspicuous place before using it.