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2020AW New & Classic Works Exhibition and Sales Reservation Form

Please read the following information carefully before making a reservation using the form.

As a result of considering holding a business trip exhibition, we decided to hold it with the following contents so that you can come safely and comfortably.

* Notes on reservation *

・ Reservation is free.

・ One frame is one hour. Please select the desired date and time from within the business hours of the day. (If you wish, please select "13:00" on the reservation form)

・ Please cooperate with the reservation by 22:00 the day before.

・ Each slot is on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is recommended to make an early reservation.

* Notes on the day *

・ On the day of the exhibition, information will be limited to one group (up to 3 people) at the same time.

・ When you come, please wear a mask and cooperate with alcohol disinfection at the entrance. Also, please refrain from visiting people who are not in good physical condition or who have a fever.


☆ Details of each exhibition ☆

◎ Osaka ◎

Dates: 2020.9 May 4 (Friday) to September 6 (Sunday)

Location: siroiro garally

( 14-4 Kurosaki-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0023 )

Friday, September 4th 13:00 --20:00

Saturday, September 5th 11:00 --20:00

September 6th (Sun) 11:00 --18:00

◎ Tokyo ◎

Dates: 2020.9 September 11th (Friday) -September 13th (Sunday)

Location: Urasando Garden 2F

( 4-15-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 )

Friday, September 11th 13:00 --20:00

Saturday, September 12 11:00 --20:00

September 13th (Sun) 11:00 --18:00

◎ Nagoya ◎

Dates: 2029 September 18th (Fri) -September 20th (Sun)


( 5-23-9 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture 460-0008 )

September 18th (Friday) 11:00 --19:00

September 19th (Sat) 11 : 00-19 : 00

September 20th (Sun) 11 : 00-19 : 00

* You can visit THE APARTMENT STORE without a reservation, but you must make a reservation in advance to visit the exhibition space.

◎ Kyoto ◎

Dates: 2029 September 25th (Fri) -September 28th (Sun)

Location: Vinegar Tachibana-do

( 30-3, Tanaka Higashiharnacho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8247, Kyoto Prefecture, the site e )

September 25th (Friday) 13:00 --18:00

September 26th (Sat) 13 : 00-18 : 00

September 27th (Sun) 13:00 --18 :00

Monday, September 28 , 13:00 --18 :00

* Sorry for your inconvenience, but please make a reservation from here.

▽ Vinegar Tachibana-do mail form ▽

Please copy the following to the email and paste it in the body

・ Number of visitors:

·phone number:

First choice / desired date


Second choice / desired date

◎ Online (zoom) ◎

We will allow you to visit us online using the available slots in Osaka and Nagoya.

You can check the details of the work you are interested in and listen to the explanation while connecting with zoom.

Please check the availability of each venue before applying from the form.

In that case, please select "Online September ○" in the desired date column and apply.

・ Please install and register the online conference system zoom by the day of the event.

・ We will send you the invitation URL with your email address by the time.

・ Customers can participate with the camera off.


This is a very confident work this season. We are looking forward to your reservation.


Reservable date and time (updated at 9.19 16:00)

[9.4 Osaka] (Online available)


[9.5 Osaka] (Online available)


[9.6 Osaka] (Online available)


[9.11 Tokyo]


[9.12 Tokyo]


[9.13 Tokyo]


[9.18 Nagoya] (Online available)


[9.19 Nagoya] (Online available)


[9.20 Nagoya] (Online available)


[9.25 Kyoto]


[9.26 Kyoto]


[9.27 Kyoto]


[9.28 Kyoto ]


Reservation form

Thank you for your reservation. After adjusting the schedule, we will contact you from

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