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Work repair request form


KENTO HASHIGUCHI accepts repairs for bags made in-house .

Please fill in the items of each customer information below, and write the title of the work and the details of the repair .

Please also fill in the time and place of purchase .

Basically, a simple repair fee is possible with the shipping fee for going and returning + repair cost of about 3300 yen .

Depending on the type of repair, a separate repair fee may be charged.

Please feel free to contact us first as you can cancel after making an inquiry or making a quote.

<Repair case>

Repairs such as the mouthpiece of the purse coming off ... 3300 yen + round-trip shipping

Replacing the purse mouthpiece ・ ・ ・ 5500 yen + round-trip shipping

Repair of sewing without dismantling the bag ・ ・ ・ 3300 yen + round-trip shipping

Repair of sewing with dismantling of the bag ・ ・ ・ 5500 yen + round-trip shipping

<Flow of repair>

Fill in the necessary information from the repair request form and send it

The person in charge will contact you.

After confirming the quotation, please ship the work to the Kyoto Atelier.

Basically, the repaired product will be returned in about one month .

(It may take up to 2 months depending on the season.)

① Please fill in the repair request form

※ Because I do not hear the repair of goods that have been produced by other companies like Please note

I sent a message. Then, please send us a photo showing the details of the repaired part by clicking the button below.

② Please upload a photo that clearly shows the repaired part (it will be smooth if there are multiple photos).

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