When crumpling paper, the behavior seems intentional at first glance, but if you look at each of the wrinkles that come in, you can see that they are happening outside of our intentions.

Wrinkles have results that are independent of our will.

The material used in crumple is a 3-layer fabric of nylon-aluminum sheet-mesh.
The fabric has a water repellent effect (it is not completely waterproof due to the seams) and is made with a special pattern that creates a gap between the front and back fabrics. Since the inner pattern is made a little smaller than the outer pattern, the outer material has plenty of space even if you put something in it, and the wrinkle feeling is maintained.

The aluminum sheet embodies the wrinkle feeling like paper.
With each use, the aluminum sheet becomes soft due to metal fatigue, wrinkles change, and you can enjoy the unique design.


In addition, the degree to which the transition of the design can be seen differs depending on the color of the fabric.
For the silver-white one, the decadent aluminum sheet can be seen through the transparent white nylon fabric.
On the other hand, the black fabric cannot see through the aluminum sheet.


-crumple- sacoche