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#008 [Verification] What is the load capacity of the "shopper bag"? | KENTO HASHIGUCHI

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It is often heard in "shopper bag" with a paper bag as a motif.

The question is, "How much luggage can I put in?"

The impression that "shopper bag" is often worried because of its delicate appearance.

The delicate handle is also the point that is effective in the design of this bag.

I don't remember receiving a consultation saying "the string was torn", including myself and my loyal users.

Contrary to his appearance, he confidently answered the load capacity, but it was unclear how much luggage he could put in.

So I just had the opportunity to put out a product test and decided to have the handle strength of the "shopper bag" checked.

In this experiment, we conducted an experiment in which one of the two handles (sewn in a total of four places) attached to the "shopper bag" was pulled by a special machine.

In conclusion, when the handle of "shopper bag" reached 278N per place, the main body fabric that sewed the handle was torn.

In other words, 278N = about 27.8kg is the force (gravity) that causes an object to fall down, so a load capacity of 27kg or more is recognized for each handle.

There are four handles for the "shopper bag", so if you apply force evenly to all of them, can you theoretically withstand about 100 kg?

The "shopper series" has basically the same handle for all sizes, so it has the same load capacity. In addition, the largest size shopper bag has a vertical / horizontal capacity of 11L.

Let's say you have an 11L rectangular parallelepiped iron block that fits comfortably in the capacity of a "shopper bag".

The specific weight of iron is 7.85g / cm ^ 3, so 11L is about 86kg. I just endured it.

What happens next to iridium, which is said to be the heaviest substance in nature? (Iridium seems to be used for the tip of a fountain pen, etc.)

The specific gravity of iridium is 22.4g / cm ^ 3, so 11L is about 246kg. It was impossible.

By the way, the price of iridium was about 20,000 yen / g. 11L iridium seems to cost about 5 million yen.

I did a delusional experiment, but when I returned to the main subject.

Since it can withstand a weight of 27 kg in one place, it seems that it will be okay to carry a computer or a book with you.

However, since the handle has two thin strings with a diameter of 5 mm, if you carry something too heavy and carry it around, your shoulder may break before the bag.

Be careful not to overfill. Let's reduce things and go smart.

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