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Assembled fixtures for traveling with your beloved car


Assembly fixtures for traveling with your favorite car

Load your own creations and fixtures in your favorite car.

I want to hold exhibitions and sales events as if I were traveling to various places.

There must be many writers who have such a dream.

The bottleneck in traveling for on-site sales is bulky fixtures.

When "LOADABLE W120" is disassembled, it becomes all plate-shaped.

Since the longest side is 120cm,

It can also be loaded into a small car.

By separating the upper and lower parts,

It allows for its compactness.

Assembling requires no tools, just plug it in.

It can be assembled and disassembled in less than 5 minutes.

In various usage scenes such as indoors, outdoors in facilities, and in nature.

To create a sense of atmosphere for the exhibition.

We aimed for a design that is neither too delicate nor too rugged.

We also kept in mind the simplicity that can be used by any user.


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