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Classic Line#3 olden

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

With a simple and distinctive design by Kento Hashiguchi, "Classic Line" is a lineup of classics that are not influenced by fashion. Among them, we will introduce "olden", which is an icon of the brand.


"Olden" was redesigned by Kento Hashiguchi to breathe new life into the student bag that was used in the past and to be used for modern commuting to school.

Although olden is simple, it is also unique in that it gives a stylish and pop impression depending on how you hold it.

The metal fittings that can be called the icon of the olden series are made in Japan and are rarely seen.

You can open it by pushing down the part that can be turned like a dial. It has a key and can be locked, but it is recommended that you use it as a decoration or keep it at home.

The feature of olden is that there are four ways to hold it.

When you remove the string, it becomes a briefcase on hand. When the string is attached to the specified position, it changes into a shoulder bag or a vertical / horizontal backpack.

If you wear it vertically, it will give you a good-looking impression, and if you carry it diagonally or horizontally, it will give you a cute impression.

Available in three colors: black and gray.

* Kinari has a laminated canvas that is common to black and gray, and an original canvas that has a reinforcing material crimped on the back of the canvas.