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Classic Line#4 shopper bag mini

A new size has been added to Kento Hashiguchi's "shopper bag," which was inspired by paper bags.

shopper mini

The shopper mini has been redesigned to the right size for going out with a shopper bag. According to the original design, the strap of the handle, the bottom stud, the metal fittings at the end, the inner pocket, etc. are inherited as they are.

▽ Introduction article of shopper bag ▽

There are two ways to hold it, one is to hold it in your hand and the other is to hold it through your arm.



With a height of 21 cm, a 500 ml PET bottle fits comfortably. It weighs 120g, which is very light.

The gusset of the shopper mini is 9.5 cm. It looks a little smaller than half the shopper bag M, but the capacity is perfect.

Not only smartphones, compact wallets and slim long wallets, but also 500ml PET bottles can be stored at the same time. You can also store small items such as small pouches that can hold handkerchiefs and lips with + α.

Also, since the bottom has a bottom plate, it is stable even if you put things in it.

The inner pocket with the brand tag is recommended for storing commuter passes and keys that you want to take out quickly.



How much can you put in?

Not only smartphones and long wallets, but also 500ml PET bottles can be stored at the same time. You can also store small items such as small pouches that can hold handkerchiefs and lips with + α.

What should I do if I get wet?

We would appreciate it if you could gently wipe it off with a towel before it soaks in. This product has a water-repellent effect because the canvas is laminated, but be careful not to get it too wet as water will seep inside from the seams.

What should I do if it gets dirty?

If it gets dirty, rub it with an eraser as soon as possible. You can also use a melamine sponge moistened with water. Please note that if there is a period of time after it gets dirty, it will deposit and it will be difficult to remove the dirt. Since the surface is vinyl-processed, I think it is relatively easy to remove dirt.

I would like to see the work directly and purchase it. Is there a real store?

There is a partner shop "Sudachido" in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. Basically, you can see all the works, but please feel free to ask even if the works are not on the shelves. We recommend that you check with other stores in advance if your desired work is available. Please see the SHOP page below for details on the actual store, such as the address and business hours.

We also hold regular exhibitions and pop-up stores. Information about the event is mainly posted on the official LINE. Sorry to trouble you, but please register and check. At the same time, we may notify you via your SNS account, so we would appreciate it if you could check it.




Is it possible to return or exchange?

In some cases, such as initial defects, we can handle returns and exchanges. Please feel free to contact us.

-Please note that we cannot accept exchanges if any of the following items apply.

[Notes on returns and exchanges]

・ If 4 days have passed since the product arrived, or after receiving the product at an exhibition, spot sale, or pop-up store.

・ If there is evidence that you have already used or tried it on (wrinkles, wrinkles, scratches, odor adhesion, etc.)

・ If some of the returned works or accessories are missing

If my work is broken, can I repair it?

Yes, we do. If you would like to repair the work, please contact us from and select the specified price to place an order. If you have any questions or concerns regarding repairs, please contact Kento Hashiguchi's email.


About other "questions"

If the above FAQ does not solve your doubts or concerns, please feel free to contact us using Kento Hashiguchi's official LINE, email address, or SNS DM.


△shopper mini△

△shopper mini black△

△shopper mini gray△

△shopper mini blue△

△shopper mini yellow△

△shopper mini green△


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