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Collection Line#1 FOLD Series

KENTO HASHIGUCHI introduces the FOLD series in the experimental production line "COLLECTION LINE" that explores new possibilities for bag design.


The FOLD series is a line developed in the 2020-21 Fall / Winter collection. Designer Hashiguchi was inspired by three-dimensional origami, and the theme is "folding (-FOLD-)".

The material is domestic cowhide (oil leather).

By digging the back of the leather with a chisel, it expresses a unique silhouette of folding that is impossible by sewing.

To minimize stitching, it is made from almost one pattern.

The FOLD series has a lineup of 16 works. Each piece is dug with a chisel, so the curved and straight lines make the simple bag stand out.


-FOLD- crystal

A handbag made with the image of crystals.

The carving of the chisel is straight and edgy.

Available in two black and white colors.

It features a uniquely shaped bag height and a similar handle length.

The bottom is pentagonal, with a design that expands slightly from the bottom and becomes smaller toward the top.

There is a zipper on the back. The fact that the zipper is on the front emphasizes not only simplicity but also individuality.

It measures 15 cm wide and 19 cm high and weighs 140 grams, making it extremely lightweight, but it can hold iphone X-sized smartphones and small wallets.

-FOLD- twist

A handbag with a design that is twisted 45 degrees from the bottom to the top.

The square on the top is designed to be larger than the bottom, so the silhouette when viewed from the front is sophisticated.