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Collection Line#2 New FOLD Series

Kento Hashiguchi has released a new model for the FOLD series.

Triangle tri, hexagon hexa, octagon octa. Introducing the entire lineup of what the newly added shape will look like.

▽ -FOLD- introduction article ▽

New -FOLD- Introducing all works

-FOLD- tri

A bag designed with a unique shape by making a crease so that it crosses from the triangle (tri) on the bottom to the apex of the triangle on the top.

Available in two black and white colors.

The surface with the fastener changes into two patterns, a concave state and an inflated state, and you can play with capacity and appearance.

There is a bottom stud on the bottom.

Due to its shape, it is easy to put things in and out, and it can be opened wide without difficulty. The capacity is + α for smartphones and compact wallets, and small pouches and other small items can be stored.

-FOLD- hexa

Hexa is designed with creases so that the sides are hexagonal (hexa) and draw an arch.

With a horizontal design, there are two patterns of handles, either hand-held or through the arm. Available in two black and white colors.

Since the handle is stopped by the button of the metal fitting, it rotates 360 degrees.

The bottom is arched and has bottom studs at the four corners so you can place it without hesitation.

The capacity is + α for smartphones and compact wallets, and small pouches and other small items can be stored.

-FOLD- octa

Octa with octagonal sides and creases designed to connect the vertices in a straight line.

The first shoulder bag in the FOLD series. A thin leather round cord can be worn diagonally or hung on the shoulder. Available in two black and white colors.

Although it looks simple, the combination of the octa shape and the pop leather round cord is finished in a distinctive design.

Since one string is tied inside, you can remove it and make it as long as you like.

The capacity is + α for smartphones and compact wallets, and small pouches and other small items can be stored.

-FOLD- tri mini

A tri mini designed in a unique shape by making a crease from the bottom triangle (tri) to the apex of the top triangle so that it crosses. Available in two black and white colors.

Manufactured as an accessory case that can be placed as an object in a corner of a house or office.

The top surface is open, and you can put pens, glasses, etc. in it.

When incorporated into a desk or shelf, it creates an atmosphere that is simple but has a different shape.

-FOLD- key charm

The key charm is modeled after the hotel key and has creases unique to the FOLD series. Available in two black and white colors.

It's a geometric crease, but it's comfortable to hold in your hand.

The outfit changes as a key chain that is used by attaching a key to the metal fittings, and as a charm that can be attached to one point such as a bag.

Up to about 4 keys will fit well. When using it as a charm, the opening of the metal fitting is about 4 mm, so you need to be careful about the thickness of the tip.



Will it lose its shape?

The creases are designed to remember the shape. However, it may lose its shape depending on what you put in and how you use it, so we would appreciate it if you use it while watching the situation.

What is the material of the FOLD series?

Uses cowhide (oil leather). Due to the use of natural materials, there may be slight scratches, uneven color, and slight differences in thickness due to its characteristics. Please note.

What kind of maintenance should I do?

Please read the following notes regarding handling. Please understand the characteristics of the product and use it for a long time.

-This product uses oil leather. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place and clean with a special method for oil leather.

・ Please note that light-colored leather may transfer color from clothes such as jeans.

-Although the leather surface itself has a water-repellent effect, the effect may diminish over time, so please take care of it regularly. However, please note that water easily penetrates from the edges, backside, and seams of the leather.

-A general waterproof spray for leather cannot be used for oil leather. Also, even if you use a waterproof spray exclusively for oil leather, try it in an inconspicuous place before using it.

I would like to see the work directly and purchase it. Is there a real store?

There is a directly managed store "Sudachido" in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. Basically, you can see all the works, but please feel free to ask even if the works are not on the shelves. We recommend that you check with other stores in advance if your desired work is available. Please see the SHOP page below for details on the actual store, such as the address and business hours.

We also hold regular exhibitions and pop-up stores. Information about the event is mainly posted on the official LINE. Sorry to trouble you, but please register and check. At the same time, we may notify you via your SNS account, so we would appreciate it if you could check it.




Is it possible to return or exchange?

In some cases, such as initial defects, we can handle returns and exchanges. Please feel free to contact us.

-Please note that we cannot accept exchanges if any of the following items apply.

[Notes on returns and exchanges]

・ If 4 days have passed since the product arrived, or after receiving the product at an exhibition, spot sale, or pop-up store.

・ If there is evidence that you have already used or tried it on (wrinkles, wrinkles, scratches, odor adhesion, etc.)

・ If some of the returned works or accessories are missing.

If my work is broken, can I repair it?

Yes, we do. If you would like to repair the work, please contact us from and select the specified price to place an order. If you have any questions or concerns regarding repairs, please contact Kento Hashiguchi's email.


About other "questions"

If the above FAQ does not solve your doubts or concerns, please feel free to contact us using Kento Hashiguchi's official LINE, email address, or SNS DM.


-FOLD- tri

-FOLD- tri black

-FOLD- hexa

-FOLD- hexa black

-FOLD- octa

-FOLD- octa black

-FOLD- tri mini

-FOLD- key cha


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