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Concept project “Freedom of Choice Exhibition”


KENTO HASHIGUCHI anniversary project

Freedom of Choice Exhibition

2022.8.5fri - 8.14sun 13:00-18:00 (Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

(7th anniversary event scheduled to be held at 8.6sat 1F garage)

Project overview

In this exhibition, KENTO HASHIGUCHI's standard work shopper bag< /a>'',

We created 30 types of individuals with slightly different sizes at 5mm intervals.

During the exhibition period, 30 of them will be randomly placed on the wall.

Please choose the one you like the most from among them.

Of course, you can also purchase each bag.

We also have 30 types of postcards with photos and information of each bag printed on them.

Please feel free to enjoy this act of selection.


Plan details

The "Freedom of Choice Exhibition" has two main contents.

STEP1: Select the individual you like the most based only on your own senses

Dialogue between your senses and the product. Face the product and yourself in a space where information is closed.

When making choices, how much do we use our senses to make choices?

In the real world, many factors besides the relationship between you and the product have an impact.

``Someone I know owned that brand or introduced it to me.On the other hand, no one else has it'' or ``It's expensive or cheap.''

In the first place, are the types presented to us by companies and the world appropriate?

There, everyone will have the experience of choosing a bag of their preferred size down to the millimeter.

STEP 2: Select from multiple "selection methods

We have prepared several ideas for you to choose one from these 30 types of bags, so please try them out as if it were a game.

-Fold the paper with your eyes closed and use the completed rectangular parallelepiped as a reference

-Stop and select GIFs in which each individual moves continuously

-Choose what you like from another object and use its length as a reference

-Measure the length from the wrist to the elbow and use that value as the standard

-Determine based on tarot fortune telling

-Choose one of your belongings and choose the individual item that you feel most comfortable taking in and taking out.

-Decide from birthday

-Choose while consulting with the store staff

etc...(Contents subject to change)

Product sales

・“Freedom of Choice Exhibition” Shopper bags of each size (1 item) ¥11,000 each (tax included)

・"Freedom of Choice Exhibition" special booklet (all 30 types of postcards + captions, etc.) ¥3,300 (tax included)