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Design and production of 3 types of Japanese paper bags for textiletells

I was in charge of the design of 3 new bags by textiletells.

Textiletells' painting is applied to the fabric made by weaving washi paper.

We aimed for a simple design that could be used in a wide range of applications, such as by changing it to indigo dyeing, without interfering with paint, etc., and that could be used without any processing.

In conjunction with new releases, we also assist with photo shoots and SNS rebranding.



A brand that conveys the charm of cloth, whose name is a coined word combining textile and tell.

Founded in 1961, it was born from Design House Kaze (KAZE), a textile designer group active in Kyoto, a dyeing and weaving production area.

Design House Kaze Co., Ltd.

99-1 Hirano Kamiyagicho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City


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KENTO HASHIGUCHI also accepts requests for designs from other companies

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