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[From May] Notice of revision of selling price of works

Thank you for your continued support to KENTO HASHIGUCHI.

We will inform you in advance that the selling price of the following works will be changed due to the soaring price of raw materials.

Recently, all prices in Japan have risen, and our work was no exception.

Since last year, the prices of metal fittings have increased one after another, and from April 2022, the price of the fabric we mainly use has jumped 1.3 times.

Regarding future sales, we decided that it would be impossible to maintain quality at the current price, and decided to change the price of many works.

In addition to raw materials, prices for daily life are also rising. We are also considering raising wages so that the burden on employees' lives will be as small as possible, and we have decided to change the price this time.

We will continue to devote ourselves to creating good conditions for our business partners, our company, our customers, and all three parties.

Each work will be on sale at the current price until 23:59 on April 31st.

Thank you for your continued support of KENTO HASHIGUCHI.

Below is a list of applicable prices (price including tax) from May.

olden     ¥33,000→¥36,300

olden square ¥29,700→¥33,000

olden mini   ¥26,400→¥29,700

picnic bag M    ¥28,600→¥29,700

picnic bag L    ¥30,800→¥33,000

shopper bag 横    ¥9,900→¥11,000

shopper bag 縦    ¥9,900→¥11,000

shopper square    ¥8,800→¥9,900

shopper mini    ¥7,700→¥8,800

leather doctor S    ¥33,000→¥36,300

leather doctor M ¥39,600→¥44,000

leather shoulder penta ¥33,000→¥36,300

leather shoulder hexa ¥33,000→¥36,300

leather shopper M ¥44,000→¥48,400

FOLD crystal ¥36,300→¥39,600

FOLD tri ¥35,200→¥39,600

FOLD twist ¥36,300→¥39,600

FOLD square ¥36,300→¥39,600

FOLD sacoche ¥24,200→¥26,400

FOLD tote M ¥44,000→¥48,400


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