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[× Kazuma Yamaguchi POP UP STORE held] Producing accessories using tarpaulin works [Kyoto 11.26-1...

We created small items using the tarpaulin work displayed in the graduation project of Mr. Kazuma Yamaguchi, a graduate of Kyoto Seika University's Graphic Course.

POP UP will be held at @karas_staff during the following period To do. Each item has a completely different atmosphere. I hope you enjoy it.

The purpose of this project is to upcycle tarpaulin materials, which are basically discarded after the exhibition period ends, into small miscellaneous goods, etc., and to engage in consumption activities that match the useful life of the materials.


Yamaguchi Kazuma


2022.11.26(Sat) - 12.11(Sun)

at kara-S shop space ( @karas_staff)

OPEN:11:00 - 20:00 Open everyday


Below, @karas_staff Caption

Yamaguchi Kazuma × KENTO HASHIGUCHI

Kara-S will be holding a joint project between graphic designer Kazuma Yamaguchi and KENTO HASHIGUCHI, a designer who designs bags.

This project was created by KENTO HASHIGUCHI

Remaking the tarpaulin that was used at the event and finished its role.

A project that started when Mr. Yamaguchi agreed with the call for a project that would be modified so that it could be used again and even lead to sales.

Graduation work by Mr. Yamaguchi, a graduate of Kyoto Seika University's Graphic Course.

``Owaranai Asobi'' uses objects found in the city as media and incorporates colorful motifs into the visuals.

The product is made using the tarpaulin that was actually used in the work.

During the period, the graduation work exhibition will also be displayed.

You can experience recycled products.

Please stop by our store.

Yamaguchi Kazuma


*The venue will only feature collaborative works

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