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Kyoto International Photo Festival KYOTOGRAPHIE | Collaboration bag release with KG +

In collaboration with KYOTOGRAPHIE | KG +, which is currently being held in various parts of Kyoto city, we have created a tote bag using printed matter (tarpaulin) used in the past.


○ As a sustainable project, KG + produces a bag that reuses the tarpaulin used in signboard banners in the past. In collaboration with the bag brand “KENTO HASHIGUCHI”, it will be reborn as a design tote bag. A slim and stylish finish that fits in a large photobook. Limited quantity sale at KYOTOGRAPHIE / KG + information center and related shops.

○ Information Center

Yatakean (former Kawasaki family residence)

340 Sanjo-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 604-8205

10: 00-19: 00 Free, 7 days a week


"KYOTOGRAPHIE Kyoto International Photo Festival" is one of the few international photo festivals in Japan, held in Kyoto, one of the world's leading cultural cities. Kyoto has been a source of cutting-edge culture while preserving tradition for a thousand years. It will be held in the spring when Kyoto is said to be the most beautiful.

Kyoto, where important Japanese and overseas works and precious photo collections are expanded into quaint historical buildings and modern modern and contemporary architectural spaces, sometimes in collaboration with traditional craftsmen and cutting-edge technology. We aim to create a unique photo festival.


4 / 9-5 / 8

Each venue in Kyoto city