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[×Kyoto International Photo Festival KYOTOGRAPHIE | KG+] Redesign of previously used printed tarp...

Continuing from last year, in 2023, we collaborated with the Kyoto International Photo Festival "KYOTOGRAPHIE | KG+" to produce tote bags using printed matter (tarpaulin) used in the past.


As part of KG+'s sustainable project, we have created bags made from recycled tarpaulins that were previously used for billboard banners. In collaboration with bag brand “KENTO HASHIGUCHI”, it will be reborn as a designed tote bag. Although it is sized to fit a large photo book, it has a slim and stylish finish. Limited quantities available at KYOTOGRAPHIE/KG+ Information Center and related shops.


○Sales location

Information Center

Hachikuan (former Kawasaki family residence)

340 Sanjo-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 604-8205

10:00-19:00 Free, open all day

We provide a wide range of information, including sales of KYOTOGRAPHIE tickets, goods, books, etc., as well as introductions to exhibitions and surrounding sightseeing. Please enjoy the taste of the building, which is designated as a tangible cultural property by Kyoto City. Additionally, this year, in addition to the 01 Kazuhiko Matsumura exhibition, there will also be an information center and related exhibits for KYOTOGRAPHIE's sister festival ``KYOTOPHONIE,'' which will start anew this year, in the Information Machiya.


``KYOTOGRAPHIE Kyoto International Photography Festival'' is one of the few international photography festivals in Japan, held in Kyoto, one of the world's most cultural cities. Kyoto has preserved its traditions for over 1,000 years, while also continuing to be a center of cutting-edge culture. It is held in spring, when Kyoto is said to be at its most beautiful.

We display important works and valuable photographic collections from Japan and abroad in the spaces of quaint historical buildings and modern modern architecture, sometimes collaborating with traditional craftsmen and cutting-edge technology. We aim to create a unique photo festival unique to Kyoto.



2023.04.15. Sat. - 05.14. Sun.

Venues in Kyoto City

The theme of the 11th KYOTOGRAPHIE 2023 is "BORDER".

All living things live with various borders.

It can be said that the boundaries form individual existence.

And most of them are invisible borders, and each one of them lives an eternal life, protecting, destroying, narrowing, and expanding their borders every day.

Can you see your own BORDER?

At KYOTOGRAPHIE 2023, I would like to visualize that border just a little.

Are the boundaries created by you or by others?

Is it something that should be protected or surpassed?

Perhaps it is something that can be changed by one's own "thoughts".

In 2023, let's go on a journey around this "BORDER" with KYOTOGRAPHIE.

11th edition theme - BORDER

Life inhabits and defends various borders.

These lines shape our existence and frame our experience; they protect, destroy, discriminate, and differentiate life in all forms.

Human instinct pushes us to evolve, face new frontiers and create new territories. This innate desire to differentiate and break boundaries is a powerful force in nature and essential to survival.

In 2023, we seek out these borders, identified as physical, temporary, transient, or transparent.




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