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[Tokyo 8.21 - 8.27] POP UP STORE held at Spiral Entrance [Omotesando]

A solo POP UP STORE will be held at the entrance of Spiral in Omotesando.

I'm very honored as this is a venue I've heard a lot about since the beginning of the brand.

We created a bright blue leather bag for this event! We sell to order.

In addition, with the cooperation of Sanki Takayama, we have also prepared an A4 poster, limited to 100 copies.

Free gifts for those who shop during the event. Also sold individually.

The exhibition title is "un_fold".

Contrary to the image of assembly in ``FOLD'', one of KH's series, ``un_fold'' means unfolding.

With the hope that the brand will expand again after this exhibition,

The expression ``expansion'' of a brand is a little different from what I expected, but the expression ``deployment'' is more familiar to me.

This is an open space with a good location, so please feel free to come visit us.


Pop-up Store "un_fold

Duration: August 21st (Monday) - August 27th (Sunday)

Venue: Entrance (Spiral 1F) @spiral_jp

Business hours: 11:00-19:00

Days when Hashiguchi is in the gallery: All dates (13:00-17:00)

📢Pickup information

-Spiral limited blue leather bag order sale

-2023AW new products now on sale

-FOLD series immediate sale/reservation reception

-Standard works are also available and on sale

○Works for sale

[2023AW][olden][shopper][leather][FOLD][crumple][×traditional craftsman][wallet][accessary] etc.


design: Sanki Takayama @cha_cha_819

photo: Toshiaki Nakatani @n.toshiaki_work


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