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The student bag that was used in the past has been redesigned so that it can be used for modern commuting to school. The overall design is simple, but the metal fittings in the center are characteristic. There are four ways to hold it that can be used individually. By removing and replacing the string, you can carry it as a business bag on hand, a shoulder bag, a vertical backpack, or a horizontal backpack.

◎ Types of fabric

・ Kinari (original canvas with reinforcing material crimped on the back of the canvas fabric)
・ Laminated (original canvas made by crimping PVC vinyl on the surface of the canvas fabric)
Since the texture is different from the original fabric, it is recommended to select it according to your favorite texture. If you want to cherish the original natural texture of the fabric, we recommend choosing "Kinari", and if you like white but are afraid of getting dirty, we recommend choosing "Laminate Kinari".

SIZE: W40 x H31 x D8cm

Weight: 600g

・ Main pocket x 1 (W38 x H29 x D7 cm)

・ Surface pocket x 1 (W31 x H26 x D1 cm)

・ Small pocket x 1 (W20 x H10 cm)

・ Back pocket x 1 (W38 x H23cm)


Model 163cm


SKU: 201703
  • Material: Canvas / Laminated canvas (water repellent)
    Country of origin: JAPAN


    * Canvas and laminated canvas are domestic products purchased directly from the factory in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture. Due to the use of natural materials, there may be slight scratches, uneven color, and slight differences in thickness due to its characteristics. Please note.


    Please read the following notes regarding handling. Please understand the characteristics of the product and use it for a long time.


    ・ If the fabric of the product is light in color, the color may transfer from the matching clothes. Pay particular attention to color transfer from denim and used clothing.
    -Although the laminated fabric has a water-repellent effect, water will seep inside from the seams, so be careful not to get it too wet.
    ・ If it gets dirty, rub it with an eraser as soon as possible. You can also use a melamine sponge moistened with water. Please note that if there is a period of time after it gets dirty, it will deposit and it will be difficult to remove the dirt.