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#003 Add diversity|KENTO HASHIGUCHI

"Can men have it?" Since the brand was launched, this is often asked. It may have been said by one person during the session at one sales event. When making a bag, I rarely made it because I wanted women to bring it. Basically, I often think of the bags I want to make and carry. I'm a man, so maybe I'm making it for a man. However, in fact, 70% to 80% of the released bags are purchased by women and 20% to 30% are men. It's undeniably that there are people who like what they're making for themselves, and that's just the percentage. So I'm not sure it's a bag for women.

However, when I think about it now, I think that it was adjusted to that ratio, and since the brand was launched, all the models have been taken by women. I've always felt that there is a problem with this way of showing that the frequently asked question I wrote at the beginning is born. However, preparing two models for such a small brand and shooting them is not easy. This time, I lifted my waist and finally took a picture of a men's painting. However, I wasn't so upset as to look for a model, and I was in charge of the drawing model. The online store has already added men's photographs to the product pages of standard works, so please refer to them. My hope is to have what I want to have, regardless of gender. It is not always true when asked if it is most correct to take two patterns of female and male in order to have them regardless of gender. I still ask myself about that.

Anyway, this time I wanted to avoid becoming a barrier to men who "want and want to use" by posting pictures of only women. On the contrary, it would be far from diversity to ask a neutral model and only take a picture of it. After all, it's just a concrete example of one pattern. Therefore, eliminating wearing photos may be the closest to diversity. However, in that case, the amount of information is lacking because the feeling of size and usability cannot be understood. The image is added with a concrete image. It is difficult to give it diversity. We believe that the fact that the angle of view of the image is only from the neck down creates a variety of ages. Having diversity may mean reducing concreteness. Diversity is given by continuing to increase concreteness. The latter is quite difficult Because if Westerners look at the current HP "Can Westerners have it?" I might ask this time.







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