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#005 Meaning of making a new one | KENTO HASHIGUCHI

I had a lot of thoughts, and this year I thought it would be nice if I could send out the text, but I couldn't lift my weight and it's been about 20 days.

I want to update it about once every two weeks this year, and the essay tasks are displayed every two weeks in the schedule book app.

However, in fact, it has been set repeatedly since December last year, and although it is displayed, it has already been ignored twice.

I feel that I can reconfirm my core part by writing, so I would like to do my best.


Why make a new one?

There are already countless bags in our daily lives, and we are not at all "bag shortage".

Especially in recent years, consideration for the environment in human activities has been attracting attention.

I feel that we must think about the meaning of creating new things in such a world.

I don't think about anything and I want to avoid complicating the loss of penguins' homes as much as possible.

It's been about 6 years since I started making bags, but I feel that the hurdles for making new things within me are getting higher year by year.

Most of the tote bags, handbags, and backpacks already have one or more types.

Why do we need a new type of tote bag now?

Whenever I think of a new work, I end up thinking in agony.

I have a strong desire to make only what I need as much as possible.

I feel that the hurdles for creating new things, both socially and personally, are rising.

Why make a new one?

The reason "I want to increase the scale of the business" or "to increase sales" is the least specified, and it completely affects the creativity in production.

As a writer, I want to avoid this.

Of course, you need money to live, but it's different to make it to eat.

It is desirable to be able to make and eat.

Especially if the world is full of such things.

This is with a sense of self-discipline. To myself in the future.

Why you need to make a new one

To be honest, I don't have a proper answer to this yet.

Sometimes I think it may not be necessary.

I feel that the minimum amount of things to make is good.

Right now, I have something I want to make, and I'm putting out what I've decided would be good.

I try not to put out anything that is useless or has no specifications.

Making things with pure innocence and saying "How about this?"

I have myself asking "Is it necessary to put it out into the world?" From a bird's-eye view.

After the examination, some of them are judged to be "OK if this is the case".

I think there are various criteria for that, such as newness, creativity, and sustainability.

There is no doubt that the examination is becoming more and more rigorous year by year.

Share what you have done and sell it to people who want it.

Do not try to increase sales volume by force. However, I will make an effort to deliver it to the people who need it.

As a result of various thoughts, I feel that such awareness is necessary for new products released in the world.



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